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Papa Gee

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I have studied and practiced the magical arts for over 30 years. Raised Baptist as a child, I became Pagan for most of my adult years before finally settling on Catholicism. My spirituality appears to have come full circle. I honor all religious paths and respect your needs as well as your boundaries when we work together.

As a reader, I divine using the tarot cards, Lenormand cards, pendulums, scrying in water, and by the gift of clairsentience (feeling). After years of focus and meditation, I am able to channel that gift upward, opening up my claircognizance (knowing) abilities. When I divine for you, I do more than read the cards -- I allow my spirit guides and intuitive gifts to lead me through the reading, showing me any extra information that is helpful. My clients know me to be down-to-earth, truthful, and straightforward. I won’t mince words or tell you only what you want to hear. An honest answer is always the best one.

All rootwork is performed at my Tennessee home where my partner and I are blessed to have our own private sanctuary (a little cottage at the back of our property) for our altars, meditation, spell work, and candle ministry. My practice setting lights and candle spells, making mojo bags, prescribing oils and powders for clients, sewing and fixing doll babies, making honey jars and souring bottles, doing graveyard work and going to the crossroads, as well as some spiritual cleansing work. I do many types of altar work, including petitioning saints and angels in your name.

At this time, I do not accept court case work at the suggestion of my Guides.

While I have a gift for many types of spell casting, my specialty is in the field of love, money, success, and personal power. There is nothing more rewarding than bringing people together or helping them reach their goal of being the very best version of themselves. If you need guidance or direction in any matter, I’m here.

You may read more about me at my White Mojo website.

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I offer hoodoo psychic readings with these tools and methods:

Tarot Card and Lenormand Card Readings, Psychic and Clairvoyant Readings, Candle Divination: Reading wax and glass readings, Scrying with water, Pendulum Readings, Psychometry with Objects, Magical Coaching and Spiritual Advice

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I had readings in the past but found yours to be the most honest and accurate so far. I needed to hear what was really going on and I am much happier now. Thanks. – Pam B.

When you gave me a reading and asked me about the house with the huge bushes out front, I didn’t know what you were talking about. Six months after my divorce I ended up buying the house you described to me! – Joanna

The money drawing spell you did really seems to be doing the trick. Business has picked up and we’ve been able to start paying ourselves again. Thanks a lot, Papa Gee! – J.E.

Whatever you did worked. That trouble maker moved out of state a month later! – Robbie

I’m impressed because I didn’t believe it at first. About eight months after my tarot reading I met the tall man with the dark hair and mustache you described to me. He’s 6’5! And he is in new home construction! You said he worked building things with his hands. Need to book another session soon. Thanks! – Sandra T.

Thank you for helping me out during a really stressful time. It was comforting to know that good times were right around the corner. Things are much calmer now and we’ve been having family dinners again – D.K.

Well, Papa Gee, you were right. He admitted he has a wife and four children back in Portugal. A little sad but grateful to finally hear the truth – Vinnie

During my reading, you said that I was not doing what I wanted, or was intended to do. You said you saw me working with people as an energy healer. It sounded crazy at the time, but a year later I left the cubicle jungle, opened a Reiki practice, and am living my dream. – Howard H.

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