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Miss Phoenix

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Greetings, my name is Miss Phoenix, also known as Phoenix LeFae. When I first picked up a deck of tarot cards I was fifteen years old. It was during this time that I started my deep interest in spirituality and exploring the world's religions. This seeking ultimately led me to the practice of neo-paganism. It was shortly after starting to do tarot readings for my friends that I discovered my natural gift for reading. And it wasn't much later that I started doing tarot readings professionally. Offering spiritual guidance has been a part of my life ever since.

I have over twenty years of magickal experience helping myself and my clients to shift their lives and move closer to their desires. I help those that are willing to help themselves and understand that they need to be just as invested in the process of their work as I am.

I am a gifted intuitive reader, able to see much more of what is going on than what the cards alone may reveal. Learning about my ancestry has brought me to the study of the runes and runelore. I now include runes along with the tarot to my clients. I also offer intuitive readings using crystal balls, pendulum, and black mirrors; along with reading candle wax and candle flames.

Beyond my skills as an intuitive tarot reader, I am also a freelance writer, spiritual consultant, teacher, and employee of Lucky Mojo and Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. I teach workshops on Goddess Spirituality and help people to connect to the natural world around them. I am dedicated to the Goddess Brigid/St. Brigid and work chiefly with her for inspiration, healing, and transformation on behalf of my clients.

For my clients I offer a wide range of spells and ritual work; both in order to help them create spells and rituals to perform on their own and also for me to perform on their behalf. I offer services such as; setting lights and candle magic spells and services, doll babies, clearing crossed conditions, spiritual bathing and cleansings of the home and person, mojo bags, altar work, prayer, healing, ancestor intercession, and magical coaching.

I take clients over the phone, in person, and via Skype for readings as well as for rootwork consultations. I help my clients to find love, success, money, and freedom from what is holding them back from their highest potential. My greatest successes have come from clearing crossed conditions and healing work. On top of my private clients I also teach ritual skills, magic, and divination to groups. I also offer magical coaching to those who desire one-on-one training.

Overall, I am a constant student and spiritual seeker. I am a graduate of catherine yronwode's Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course, I am a teacher in the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft, I am an initiated Tribes Member of the Avalon Druid Order, and I am the founder of Brigid's Hammer Mystery School.

You can learn more about me at my website www.phoenixlefae.com

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I offer hoodoo psychic readings with these tools and methods:

Tarot Readings, Oracle Card Readings, Clairvoyant Readings, Candle Glass and Candle Wax Divination, Cup Readings, Scrying With a Mirror, Pendulum Divination, Rune Divination, Magical Coaching and Spiritual Advice

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"Miss Phoenix was able to help me get back on track after a really rough patch in my life. I thought that I was out ofoptions and she was able to show me that better things were just around the corner. She also recommended that I try clarity work and I really believe that this helped to shape the successes that I've had since." ~ Amber B.

"Phoenix helped me to cleanse my home. I was experiencing a lot of bad luck and things in my house were just off. My kids were having nightmares and none of us wanted to be there. She came in and cleansed the house and showed me and my wife what we could do to keep things cleansed. It has been so much better and we can't thank her enough for the work that she did. Our home feels like ours again." ~ Marcus F.

"Miss Phoenix is a gifted tarot reader who tells it like it is." ~ Jody S.

"Phoenix is really connected to a higher plain. She was right on the money and totally nailed what is going on in my life. I highly recommend her!" ~ Amy B.

"I really wanted to get married, but I didn't think that it was ever going to happen for me. Phoenix and I did some love and attraction work and within a year I was engaged. We are going to have her officiate the wedding!" ~ Sandy E.

"After my reading with Phoenix I was able to see where I had been limiting myself. She helped me to see the best way forward and I've been seeing her for a reading twice a year ever since." ~ Tracy M.

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